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Welcome to Global CBD Exchange

The Place where Buyers and Sellers of Wholesale CBD Products meet

Expand Your Supply Chain with GCE!

We possess vast experience with bulk orders of CBD extracts and Biomass. Our procurement department facilitates both spot orders and annual contracts ranging from 1 kg to tens of thousands of kilos. We take the lead through all transactions, offering full transparency to ensure the process is as smooth as possible.


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For Buyers

Global CBD Exchange has professional company representatives. We are not brokers, but a direct source that presents to you the products of clients and producers.

GCE provides the full transparency required for fast and friendly transactions. We work on the principle that the product you want should be at or near market value. This means that when you buy through us, you will be getting competitive pricing. In fact, we offer the best prices available anywhere.

Passing on our expertise and extensive industry knowledge to you as we are connected in a variety of local markets as well as globally allowing you the opportunity to expand your business internationally.

For Sellers

Some sellers have to go through a lot of needless and time-consuming processes just to get their products out in the market. With GCE, you no longer have to deal with fake buyers who waste your time with false proofs of fund and with misleading letters of intent, and those who simply are not willing to pay your price.

GCE works on your behalf so you could focus on the other important aspects of your business. Leave the selling to us! Or we can help you sell your products yourself, with a variety of services that would make sales easier for you!

Business in a Box

The Hemp/CBD industry is a very lucrative industry however there are risks involved. The good news is that regulations are slowly easing up. It is a good time to get into cannabis and earn a windfall.

With our team of experts, we can help you tap into the market.

GCE makes it easier for you. You come up with the concept, the product and the message, and we will take care of everything else with our Business in a Box package.


Branding can make or break a new business, so it's essential to be good.

Being in the cannabis industry means that you will have a lot of competing products and companies.

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Having a Web site can help you bring your company to a wider audience.

You are no longer limited to having a physical brick and mortar store, instead, you can literally sell to the world.

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Working with the right distribution channel is essential.

We can help you work out problems with your distribution without having to do too much work.

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Working with a trusted payment service is a great convenience.

You guaranteed to be paid and you can also offer your customers a safe, secure, and easy way to pay.

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White Label

Our white label program is unique in the fact, that we can give you access to multiple product lines under one roof. We guide you throughout the whole process effortlessly and get you to market efficiently.

We have representation agreements with suppliers worldwide to offer the best quality products which include Vape Units, CBD Oil, CBD Gummies, CBD products for pets and much more.

We have offices across 3 continents so we can help you push products in front of customers, that are cutting edge on the market. We have done the research on the best products and only recommend the best products.


We can offer expert advice on products and volumes. We strongly recommend you check your own local market to verify the legality in that specific area.

Click here for available white label product lines.